Artistic Director

Marina Tamayo studied Cecchetti and the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Syllabus under Kenneth Norman and Jacqueline Johnson of London. At the age of 14, she left Ballet and began studying intensively in Sacromonte Granada with the local gypsy artist Paco Torres in the art of Flamenco Dance. Later, Marina studied fulltime Flamenco for six years in Madrid, Jerez, Granada studying alongside world-class gypsy Flamenco artists Manolete, Belen Maya, Mario Maya, Maria Magdelena, Antonio and Manuel Reyes, Luis de Luis, Belen Fernandez, Ester Marin Garcia. Also, she studied at the Conservatorium of Music in Piano and Composition, Business studies in Project Management, Contract Law, Implementation, and process, and awarded Dip. Acoustic Engineering, Post Grad, Production Engineering, Degree in Education, currently enrolled for a Masters of Teaching. 

Between 1985 and 2002 Marina began dancing and teaching in Australia professionally as a solo artist and producer. Marina worked in various theatres, events, and galas across Australia collaborating with various prominent Migrating Spanish figures in Australian Spanish Dance history including Singers Joaquin de Cadiz, Guitarist Salvador de Sevilla, and Angel Mellado, Dancers Antonio Vargas, Manuel Salvatore, and Fernando Mira.  Marina has worked across the globe, in tablao style restaurants and clubs. In  Australia , she has worked in public and private schools, universities and dance faculties including Sydney Dance Company, Australian Dance Theatre, Centre for The Performing Arts SA, KDC Dance Works, produced, choreographed, collaborated and performed for television for example, choreographer for SYTYCD Choreographers Ball, Emirates, Wolf Blass, GPO, Miguel Maestre, Spanish Embassy, National Art Gallery, and Australian film.

Marina formed Flamenco Australia in 1998. The aim of the company was to focus on building market opportunities for local and overseas professional Flamenco artists. These collaborations have produced various theatre productions, for example,  The House Plus 2005, Seymour Centre, Colores de La Vida, 2008, Bellingen Theatre NSW, Flamenco del Mar, The Basement Sydney 2010, The Sounds of Spain at Adelaide Fringe Festival Adelaide Convention Centre 2012,  and Las Alpujarras Granadinas The Peacock Theatre, 2013, to name a few.  Marina has dedicated her life to Spanish arts and culture. She is an active advocate in the preservation of her migrating parent's heritage with authentic and culturally relevant art practice. She achieves this by engaging Australian communities as audiences, observers or participants in the vibrancy of Spanish culture in performance and education.

In 2017, Marina formed an artistic union with Aitor Hernandez, creating Hernandez Tamayo Spanish Dance Theatre. The theoretical and practical knowledge of Spanish and Flamenco dance between both artists is vast as they address authentic traditional work in a contemporary context. Both Marina and Aitor have collaborated on various premiered shows across Australia, these include the groundbreaking INERTIA and FOLKMENCO. They have both appeared on television, invited as guest speakers and dancers at various private and public educational institutions, corporate events, full- time ballet academies, community workshops in Sydney, Hobart, and  Adelaide and recently received their first residency by the MOVES Contemporary Dance Festival, where their innovative contemporary work EMERALD premiered to a standing ovation. 


Artistic Director

Aitor Hernandez Sanzano was born in Madrid in 1987. He studied at the Royal Conservatory of Dance in Spain and was taught a variety of different styles by dance teachers from all over the world.  At the age of 18, he joined the Junior Dance Company of the National Ballet of Spain, where he expanded his knowledge and repertoire of Spanish dance, including Escuela Bolera, Flamenco, Folk and Contemporary, performing masterpieces from renowned artists such as Antonio Gades, Pilar Lopez, Antonio Ruiz Soler and Mariemma. 

Between 2006 and 2012 Aitor went on to dance with other prestigious Spanish dance companies while he obtained his degree in Performing Arts at the University Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid.  Throughout these years, Franco Dragone, Mario Gas, Rojas y Rodriguez, Rafael Amargo, Aida Gomez and various other artists gave Aitor the opportunity to perform in world-class theatres such as Bolshoi, Royal Opera House, La Scala de Milan, Gran Teatre del Liceu and The National Grand Theatre of China, to name a few.  From 2012 to 2016 he became part of the National Ballet of Spain under the artistic direction of Antonio Najarro where he stood out as a solo dancer in choreographies such as Alento, Zaguan, Sorolla, Medea y Fantasia Galaica. 

Marina Tamayo, Director of Flamenco Australia, helped the young artist to continue developing his skills as a teacher, choreographer and interpreter.  The knowledge of both artists in the field of Flamenco and Spanish Dance led them to produce the shows Inertia and Folkmenco, both of which presented Spanish culture in a modern light whilst maintaining its traditional roots.  Currently, Aitor enjoys his role as Artistic Co-Director at Hernandez Tamayo Spanish Dance Theatre Company which culminated in the release of Emerald - a warmly received production that was performed at the Darlinghurst Theatre in Sydney and the Moonah Arts Centre in Hobart.