We are Spanish dance artists dedicated to promoting our cultural arts through storytelling.  Drawing on multidiscipline, strategies, approaches and methodologies our work encapsulates both traditional and contemporary audiences.

Hernandez Tamayo influence in Australia as emerging contemporary Spanish Dance choreographers is unparallel; their unique work, unmistakable.

Both artists come from extensive performance experience. Hernandez, a former professional dancer of The Ballet Nacional of Spain and Tamayo a freelance Flamenco artist. Over the past two years, they have joined in a collaboration of minds, ideas, experience and talents in which Hernandez Tamayo has produced three main works INERTIA, FOLKMENCO and the recent production EMERALD which has taken the Spanish Dance Theatre audiences by awe, reshaping the contemporary views of Spanish Dance Theatre in Australia.

 EMERALD is a deeply personal narrative using strong elements of folk, classical and traditional Spanish and Flamenco dance. It is a reflective and dark tale of the shadows of our pasts, which we struggle with throughout our lives.



To contribute to Australia’s culturally rich artistic audiences through Traditional Spanish theatre storytelling.

Our approach to creating dance work is focused on presenting ideas to which carry people out of their intellectual perspectives. We are interested in presenting ideas in unique and varied ways, that not only challenge people to question their assumptions, but also inspire them to seek answers to the questions they have yet to ask.



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HERNANDEZ TAMAYO SPANISH DANCE THEATRE is an emerging Dance Company dedicated to conserving Spanish tradition whilst exploring contemporary themes with a variety of world class quality productions for the Australian and international market. The company is thriving thanks to our generous benefactors, and we are highly grateful for the help we get in doing what we love the most. Interested in contributing a helping hand? The sky’s the limit when it comes to all the options. Get in touch today and see how you can help! All contributions are welcomed.




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